Sunday, May 24, 2015

I have been looking into the coming police state and came across some new information. Their attempt at gun control is the most obvious sign and so I urge you all to stock up. From Sandy Hook to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, we can see that their is a long term agenda at play. Multiple Sandy Hook hoax stories are out there so take a look and decide for yourself. What I really want to talk about is the Charlie Hebdo shootings. This event is what truly opened my eyes to the New World Order agenda.

When I first heard about the shooting in early 2015, I really didn't think much of it, other than, "these people deserve what they got." And I say this because we know that Muslims do not appreciate when others draw their prophet Muhammad. Which is totally understandable because the people that are drawing him are the people that brought us White Jesus. From that standpoint alone, I can see that Muslims do not want false information out there. However, I am beginning to think this whole thing is a lie to simply get more people to dislike their faith by some how calling them childish for not allowing something so simple in the 21st Century. Which brings us to the most recent Muhammad drawing contest in Texas, leaving a few more Catholics dead.

Getting back on track, I want to bring up the videos that were covered by every major news station no matter how far right or left they are made out to be. The videos show some "Radical Jihadists" shooting at police and then even executing one from point blank range. What is most important is that the video cuts out the part where an AK-47 bullet hits the officer in the head from a few feet away. Why is it cut out? Because it is too violent. . . right? WRONG! It is cut out because the police officer was never shot! The gunman were using blanks, and if we Americans could understand French, we could hear the people exclaimed that the gunman were using blanks.

Setups like this leave the American people scared while the people pulling the strings laugh. They must think we are a bunch of idiots, and to be honest, we are. We are blind to the reality of these events and unless we wake up, we have no chance of fighting back. If we simply wait for that big event that calls for Martial Law, it will be too late.

                                                                      WAKE UP!

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